Berlin Bowling league standing week of July 2

Sunday, July 2

2-Person Summer League: Top teams — Team 4 and Hunters, 3-1; Team 2 and Space Cadetz, 2-2. High Score Game — Bruce Belanger, 148; Heidi Manfredi, 136. High series — Heidi Manfredi, 381; and Olivia Laughton 371. 

Thursday, July 6

Sweepers/Summer —Team 1, Nick Fournier 26-6; Team 5 Cari Perreault, 26-6. High Score Game — Charley Cropley, 237, Norm Small, 225. High Series — Charley Cropley, 594, Norm Small, 525. 

Friday, July 7

Summer Bumper — Team 2, 3.5-0.5. Team 1, Disco Ball Boys & a girl, 0.5-3.5. High Score Game — Jaxson Small 97, Chloe Gagnon 86, Troy Lamontagne 86. High Score Serie —, Jaxson Small 97, Chloe Gagnon 86, Troy Lamontagne 86. 

Wednesday, July 12

Seniors League —Game 1, No tap winners, Peggy Marcou, Pete Gagne, 140. Game 2 Predict your score winner— Peggy Marcou. Game 3, Splits, 9's, x's, game winner — Peggy Marcou, Norm Bouchard, 155. Game 4, Poker bowling winner — Peggy Gagne. Lucky ticket winner — Maria White. 



Hollingworth named athletic trainer of the year

BERLIN — Amy Hollingworth, a 1995 graduate of Berlin High School, has been named New Hampshire’s 2017 Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer.
Laura Decoster, executive director of the N.H. Musculoskeletal Institute/Safe Sports Network, paid the following tribute to Hollingworth:
"Amy Hollingworth is a consummate professional who is incredibly deserving of this recognition. Without a doubt, the New Hampshire Athletic Trainers Association will always be proud of its choice of Amy to receive this award. Her circumspect professionalism makes her an excellent representative for the profession, for her current employers and of course for herself.
"Amy has worked tirelessly for the betterment of young athletes and for the profession of athletic training in New Hampshire during her nearly 20-year athletic training career. I first met Amy in 1999 when she came to the New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute as one of our post-professional residents. She distinguished herself in that role, so much so, that we hired her upon its completion. Initially, she was an outreach athletic trainer working for Trinity High School. She did so well in that role, that they hired her. She spent the next 12 years creating an exemplary sports medicine program for Trinity. And, oh, by the way, during her years at Trinity she managed, in addition to working full-time, to earn both her massage therapy license and nursing degree and also spend several years as the president of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity and as a member of the NH Athletic Training Governing Board.
"The New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute, Safe Sports Network and more than 6,000 young athletes in the greater Manchester area are now benefiting from Amy’s skills and passion in her role as our Director of Safe Sports Network and Residency Program Director. Her tenure here is now just over four years. In that time, she has shepherded the Safe Sports program to new heights. Under her direction, all eight Safe Sports high schools achieved NATA Safe Sports School designation in the first year of that program. Amy has committed herself to the emergency preparedness of our schools and youth programs. This commitment has included hands-only CPR/AED training for more than 1,000 high school students per year, CPR/First Aid certification for several hundred coaches, Athletes Saving Athletes education for 300 student athletes, the creation and maintenance of over 100 venue-specific emergency action plans and the administration and oversight of more than 100 'drop-the-dummy' drills designed to ensure that every team creates response teams comprised of athletes and coaches... And takes the vital next step of practicing their emergency response plan. All those programs taken together are an effort to ensure that an athlete who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest or other emergency in the absence of trained emergency providers can be maintained until help arrives.
"Over the past two years, Amy has also overseen the extension of important sports safety infrastructure to 8 area middle schools. This has included ensuring compliance with the state concussion law, appropriate emergency action planning and management of medical red flags among their athletes.
"Amy has also helped to grow our Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education post-professional residency. She has expanded and honed our curriculum designed to improve residents’ ability to create a differential diagnosis. One element of that curriculum is problem-based learning case studies. This learning approach is so effective, that the NATA convention planning committee has included Amy on this year’s program in Houston.
"Amy is an incredible mentor. She is patient, selfless, competent, reliable, dependable, bright, organized, independent, personable and professional. She goes the extra...marathon — not just a mile!!
"Amy, you have certainly distinguished yourself among your peers. I am very proud to know you and to work with you every day. Congratulations on receiving this most deserved recognition."
A graduate of Ithaca College, Amy lives in Derry with her husband, Glen Hollingworth, and daughter, Ella.

Berlin Bowling League standings

Sunday, June 18 

2-Person Summer: Top teams —- Team 2 Space Cadetz, 13-11; Team 1 Titanium Twins, 13-11; 3 Destroyers, 8-16. 

High game — Heidi Manfredi 167, Bruce Belanger 147. High series — Heidi Manfredi 445, Bruce Belanger, 364. 

Tuesday, June 20 

2-Person Summer: Top teams — Team 6, 16.5-11.5; Team 7, The Rough Shooters, 15.5-12.5; 4 Queens of 9! 15-13. High game — Christian Labnon 203, Cari Perreault 190. High series —Cari Perreault 553, Christian Labnon 547. 

Thursday, June 22

Thursday Sweepers Summer: Top teams — Nick Fournier, 22-2; David Moore, 21-3; Cari Perreault 19-5. High game — Travis Roy, 213, Nick Fournier 213. High score series — Nick Fournier, 572, Charley Cropley, 516. 

Friday, June 23

Summer Bumper: Top teams — Team 2, 1.5-.5, Disco Ball Boys, .5-1.5. High score game — Jaxson Small, 79, Ryan V., 76. High score series — Jaxson Small, 79; Ryan V. 76. 

Sunday, June 25

2-Person Summer — Space Cadetz, 17-11; Titanium Twins, 13-15; Destroyers, 10-18. High score game — Olivia Laughton, 183; Bruce Belanger, 154. High score series — Olivia Laughton, 408; Sophie Laughton 384. 

Tuesday, June 27

Moore Civil War. Com, 4-0; Strike On! 4-0. High score game — Randy Hynesm 204; Dave Moore, 199. High score series — Randy Hynes, 560; Christian Labnon, 538. 

Thursday, June 29

David Moore, 25-3; Cari Perreault, 23-5; Nick Fournier, 22-6. High score game — Charley Cropley, 232; Norm Small 215. High score series — Charley Cropley, 587; Cari Perreault 554. 

Friday, June 30

Summer Bumper: Top teams — Team #2, 2.5-.5;  Disco ball boys & a girl, .5-2.5. High score game — Chloe Gagnon, 100; Ethan Lamontagne, 85. High score series — Chloe Gagnon 100; Matt Lamontagne, 85. 

Friday, July 5 

Wednesday, seniors: Game 1, No tap winners — Lorraine Martin, Norm Bouchard, 149. Game 2, Predict your score winner — Norm Bouchard, with 4/pins. Game 3, Splits — 9’s, x’s, game winners — Norm Bouchard, Pete Gagne 162. Poker bowling winner — Pete Gagne.