Frank LaFerriere: $2 million for coffee and pastries?

To the editor:

It has been shown on just how the U.S. House of Representatives alone spent over $2 million of the taxpayers' money on their coffee and pastries. Let that sink in for a moment will you?

Yes, I am one of those that the neo-cons and Republicans love to trash as a moocher and a sleaze and the main cause of our being in such a huge debt. I am disabled. I get to exist on $780 a month in disability and $59 a month in food stamps. Yes, I get housing assistance, but if I did not get that? I would be living in a tent. I know many more just like myself.

Yet, the same Repugnants who trash people like me are the real moochers and sleazes. First off? Their pay. They get between $174,000 to $224,000 a year in base pay for about 4 months worth of what you might call work. That breaks down to about $43,500 to 56,000 a month before taxes. But the members of the House and Senate have been demanding that they cannot live off of this and are in dire need of a raise. Secondly, they also get an expense account on the taxpayer dollar of between $4,000 to $10,000 a month for travel, housing, postage and other expenses. After doing a calculation of the pay, the expense accounts, their staff and all the other things they get, it costs the U.S. taxpayer about $1 billion for the Congress to supposedly work.

So, they state they cannot live on this, that they cannot make ends meet. They attack us on food stamps for supposedly buying steaks, lobsters, etc. Or how we are living high off the hog with internet, cable, etc. Really? I do not have cable or internet. I do not have a big screen TV, etc., either. I sure the heck do not live high off the hog. I certainly cannot afford to make ends meet myself. I am lucky during the last two weeks of the month to eat one meal a day. But the same sleazes and moochers of the Congress say we get too much and our benefits should be cut, or even ended, while again, they scream that the pay they sleaze off the U.S. Taxpayer is not enough for them.

Marie Antoinette once reportedly stated to the poor and starving, let them eat cake. We all know how that turned out. Those who fail to remember their history are only doomed to repeat it. I honestly think this is what our elected officials in Congress, especially the Repugnants and their rich masters they serve want of us. The Repugnants have far proven they serve the rich. They serve those rich masters who bribe them to do their bidding to screw over the middle class and the poor, the old, the veterans, the disabled. They do not care about us, but only the rich who bribe them to serve them. Well, as another saying goes, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it, but not in the way you want it.

Frank LaFerriere