City expects to sell land to North Country Growers soon

BERLIN — The city expects to sign a purchase and sale agreement with North Country Growers for 170 acres of land off the East Milan Road by early next week. A closing will take place after that.
North Country Growers has an option on the property and Berlin Community Development Director Pamela Laflamme said the city extended the option this month to allow time to work out some undisclosed issues that have delayed the sale.
The city has agreed to sell the land to North Country Growers for $680,000. In February, the company paid $20,000 for a two month option that the city has extended. If the sale goes through, the $20,000 will go toward the purchase price. If NCG goes not go forward with the project, the city will retain $5,000 for its time and expenses.
The land is part of a 215-acre parcel purchased by the Berlin Industrial Development and Park Authority two years ago from Georgia-Pacific for $90,000. There are two landfills on the property that will be subdivided off and the city will retain ownership of the landfills.
Laflamme said North Country Growers has applied for building permits for the property.