Tri-County Community Action hires new chief financial officer

BERLIN – Tri-County Community Action Program has hired a new chief financial officer and is interviewing for a chief executive officer.
In his monthly status report to Coos Probate Court, special trustee Todd Fahey said Rea Pfeiffer was hired several weeks ago as CFO. The report said Pfeiffer "brings a wealth of experience" having worked most recently as the CFO for a community action program in Massachusetts. Fahey declined the Berlin Daily Sun's request to interview Pfeiffer and said he plans to issue a press release.
The financially troubled organization has been without a CFO since former CFO Dori Ducharme was terminated on Dec. 3. The position was advertised this winter and seven applications were received by the March 15 deadline. Fahey said Pfeiffer is working to address and correct issues and findings raised in the fiscal 2012 audit. Auditors found TCCAP's books were in such disarray that auditors had to adjust and correct entries representing more than a quarter of the agency's annual budget to produce an accurate fiscal 2012 audit.
Fahey wrote that the agency hoped to start interview applicants for CEO as early as this week. He said a search committee has been assembled to review the many applications received and interview qualified applicants. TCCAP will also be hiring a staff accountant.
TCCAP is seeking legislative action to repay the agency's use of a $533,000 advance for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Fahey said there is both support and opposition to legislation to provide assistance either as a loan or grant. He said some promising options are being investigated but stressed state action will be required to permanently stabilize the agency.
Fahey said TCCAP continues to repay $224,000 taken from client funds in the Guardianship Services Program and used to pay TCCAP's general operating expenses. The money is being repaid at a rate of $10,000 per month and the balance at the time of the report was $199,000.
As he has consistently, Fahey noted TCCAP employees continue work diligently to provide services. He said over the past few months several programs, especially Alcohol and other Drugs and Restorative Justice Programs, have seen a remarkable improvement due to the efforts of program manager, fiscal administration, and careful planning.
Fahey, of the Concord law firm of Orr and Reno, was appointed special trustee by Coos Probate Court in December to oversee the reorganization of TCCAP.