Victim in 2012 Dalton shooting arrested for firing shotgun

DALTON – The man wounded in a triple shooting in Dalton last year has been arrested on charges of reckless conduct, criminal threatening, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
Wayne Ainsworth, 55, of Dalton is alleged to have pointed a 20-gauge shotgun at a Dalton man and firing a single shot into the air at 205 Whitefield Road in Dalton on April 26 according to the Caledonian Record newspaper. Ainsworth was arraigned and ordered held on $30,000 cash bail. A probably cause hearing is scheduled for May 13.
In April 2012, Ainsworth's spouse, Joseph Besk, was killed and Ainsworth wounded by Christopher Smith. Police ruled Smith committed suicide after shooting the couple. The three men all lived in Dalton at the time.
Ainsworth and Besk were both convicted sex offenders who met while incarcerated at the Northern N.H. Correctional Facility in Berlin. The two married in a Jan 2010 ceremony at the Berlin prison shortly after New Hampshire allowing same sex marriages took effect. The pair was the first same sex couple to be married within the state prison system where Besk was still incarcerated at the time of the wedding. Ainsworth had been released from prison in July 2006, after serving close to 12 years for an aggravated felonious sexual assault conviction.
The wedding of Ainsworth and Besk was the subject of a Jan 22, 2010 story in the Berlin Daily Sun that generated considerable controversy. Many people objected to the decision to run the story on the front page.