Balsams owners request for building permit challenged

LANCASTER – The Coos County Planning Board was scheduled last night to rule on a request for a building permit from the owners of the Balsams Grand Resort.
Yesterday, legal activist Andy Martin filed a written motion opposing the issuance of a building permit and asking to be heard by telephone at the meeting.
Martin argued the request for a building permit is "illusory" because a spokesman for owners Daniel Hebert and Daniel Dagesse has publicly stated the pair is still working on financing for the project.
"Thus the Coos County Planning Board is being asked to issue what are in effect 'advisory' building permits for use by Daniel Hebert and Daniel Dagesse in making speculative presentations to potential investors," Martin wrote.
Martin, who challenged the sale of the Balsams in the state court system, served notice he intends to file suit against the sale of the property in federal court.
A former Republican presidential candidate and self described corruption fighter, Martin has charged corruption and insider dealing tainted the sale of the historic hotel.
His suit against numerous parties, including the new owners and the Coos County Planning board, was dismissed in Merrimack Superior Court and the state Supreme Court declined to hear it.