Judge denies petition for restraining order

By Debra Thornblad
A Coos County Superior Court judge has denied a petition for a restraining order filed by Berlin resident George Stanley against Frank Laferriere, also of Berlin.
In his order dated Jan. 9, Judge Peter H. Bornstein said while there is evidence of "some contact between the parties that is admittedly less than friendly, the defendant's actions do not constitute threats or rise to the level of harassment."
Quoting from a 2007 case, the order stated in part "'An injunction should not be issued unless there is an immediate danger of irreparable harm to the party seeking injunctive relief, and there is no adequate remedy at law.'"
Stanley filed his petition for a restraining order in court on Dec. 17, 2012. In it Stanley made several allegations against Laferriere. He claimed Laferriere had followed him, harassed him, stalked, yelled and swore at him, and threatened him, placing him in fear. He also claimed Laferriere had interfered in his personal business by taking down signs he had posted, and told business owners he would stop patronizing them unless they banned Stanley for life. He claimed Laferriere has also told businesses that Stanley is "crazy, mentally ill and dangerous".
"I need courts Biblical 7 year Jubilee spiritual concept of extending liberty and freedom from this Black Magic practicing wiccan male priest voodoo-cursing madman demonic possessions over my life in every ways," the petition states in part. Under the section asking what the relationship between the parties is, Stanley states Laferriere is his "ex-tenant/roommate/gay wiccan lover", a charge Laferriere denies in his seven page, single-spaced, typed response.
"I was never Mr. Stanley's roommate, nor was I ever his 'gay wiccan lover' as he asserts in his relationship between the parties," Laferriere states.
His response goes on to detail his experiences and encounters with Stanley. He said while he had intended to rent a room from Stanley, and had given him money for that, when he saw the sanitary conditions of the house he changed his mind.
A hearing was held on Jan. 8 and the judge issued an order the next day.
Judge Bornstein concludes his order by stating "that the only remedy for libel or slander is an action for damages if the libelous character of a statement to which objection is made can be established."